Is transport included?

Yes, transport to your local North or South Island Mainfreight depot is included in the price.


When will my LouvreKit be dispatched?

Your LouvreKit will be dispatched from our Christchurch factory approximately 20 working days after your order is confirmed.  Once we receive your order our team will be in touch with you directly with specific details of your delivery.  


How do the louvres drain rain etc?

LouvreKit has built in gutters for drainage, the fins within the frame sit on an angle from high side to low side allowing for water drainage into the built-in gutter. The external frame does sit level.


Is LouvreKit waterproof?

Yes, LouvreKit can keep the rain out!  The LouvreKit fins close tight together to form a watertight finish, they are fitted in the louvre with a slight fall to encourage rain run-off.  LouvreKit comes with its own inbuilt gutter system and a dropper is supplied for you to fit at time of installation.  You can then join this up with your existing downpipe.

While the LouvreKit system is basically waterproof please remember it is an outside product, so in severe/driving rain there can be water ingress via the gutters.


Can I fix the LouvreKit to a roof or barge board, rather than using legs?

Our DIY LouvreKit comes prepacked with the four legs as this is the engineered installation solution offered. This makes for the simplest installation option for all home DIY’ers. If you have additional trade skills it is possible to fix to an existing structure. 


Do I require a consent or permit to install LouvreKit?

Most likely you won’t as LouvreKit louvres don’t exceed 20sqm. The louvre still needs to comply with your local council planning regulations such as site coverage, recession planes, etc.


Can we do a custom size to fit your area?

We are not able to custom-make a LouvreKit.  To keep the price as low as possible we manufacture our LouvreKits in three set sizes - 3 x 3m, 3 x 4m and 3 x 5m.  If you want a custom-made louvre we suggest you chat to our mates over at Johnson and Couzins who will be able to help. 


Do the fins move?

The LouvreKit fins rotate round approximately 130 degrees.  


Is there a remote control for opening and closing?

The LouvreKit option is only available in the manual opening.  If you are wanting a motorised system you would be best to see our mates over at Johnson and Couzins who specialise in custom-made louvres.


Where is LouvreKit made?

We’re proud to say right here in NZ!  We use high quality aluminium extruded and powder coated in Hamilton, then cut, assembled and packed at our factory in Christchurch.


Are you using the same quality materials as other louvre companies?

No - we're using better quality materials!  LouvreKit is manufactured using the highest quality NZ extruded aluminium and quality NZ-made parts.  This is not a light-weight overseas import!  Our LouvreKits meets NZ standards for wind and snow loadings and are powder coated with Dulux Powder Coat, by an approved powder coat applicator.  In short, our LouvreKits are made to last - designed and manufactured right here in NZ for our conditions.